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Ava - Fortune Teller

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Thank you for your trust!

You should already have received my email containing what I could sense about you.  

Please confirm that you have received it:




Thanks to the information that you have just given me, I will be able to carry out your Sensory Reading. 

I will connect remotely to your Aura. After this initial step, which will already give me a lot of information about you, I will enter a sensory trance which will allow me to receive a flow of sensory information. According to what I sense, I will also use a specific technique: reading in coffee grounds or in tea leaves. 

Whatever the technique used, I will do everything in my power to deliver a serious, clear and complete analysis of your current situation but also of your near future.  

This way, you will have all the keys you need to move forward as serenely as possible towards your Destiny of Light.  

I’m going to get to work for you right away. Keep an eye on your mailbox, you will receive my answer very soon.  


Your Sensory Psychic 

Your personal data is safe with me. All details in my Privacy Policy.