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Who is Ava

Sensory reading – Aura Healing – Soul Healing – Sixth sense – Intuition – Precognition…

I am an extrasensory psychic with a mission to help you progress along the Path to Light. My talents? The tools I use. Where I come from? Let me tell you everything…

Ava - Fortune Teller


Did you know that hypersensitivity is a gift? Because my hypersensitivity is my main strength today. It is thanks to my hypersensitivity that I discovered my gifts as a clairvoyant, and that I became the master of my own Destiny. Today, I help those who need my help because I like to give and make people happy around me. In addition to my innate gifts, I use Tarot cards and a crystal ball. I also do palm reading, ink stains, interpret coffee grounds, tea leaves, and much more… 

The help I offer – The tools I use

First of all, I fully use my 6 SENSES: My 5 primary ultra-developed senses… And my intuitive skills – what is commonly referred to as 6th sense – it always guides me perfectly well in my destiny readings. 

They say that money has no smell. Well, I can tell you the exact opposite. Money does have a smell and I can recognize it among a thousand other smells. I can smell the path that wealth takes. I know when there’s a chance of making money in the air. And I can tell someone who is at a crossroads in their destiny which way to go to get closer to that golden light. So, I use the smells that come to me spontaneously, the smells that seem to come out of nowhere.  

I use the sounds, the messages that come from above. Sometimes they come from the Angels. I channel messages of very high frequency. And the information received is always incredibly accurate.   

I also see the invisible. Auras, energetic blocks, Waves of Luck, light… I know how to guide my “beloved” (the name I give to those who consult me) to make them happy. And their happiness makes me shine in turn. 

Sometimes, touching a rare object is enough to immediately connect with a person, a story, their Karma 

I am also very receptive to flavors. When I drink tea (I love tea!), I sometimes smell a flavor that is out of the ordinary. It is always a sign that a message is coming. I then hurry to drink my tea before I turn the cup over in a saucer. There, I interpret the tea leaves like no one else. It is a gift from my mother. I do the same with coffee grounds. 

What I love to use above all are Tarot cards. I find in them such a great potential for analysis that I never stop drawing these cards. But I don’t just do it for fun. I have discovered that I have a genuine gift for interpreting Tarot cards. I use many different decks. But the one I love the most is the Oracle of the Triad. I find it extremely powerful! 

Why don’t you ask for your first free psychic reading? … you would see it with your own eyes. 

I also like to use my Crystal Ball. In my opinion, it is a unique way of opening up to the world. When I focus on it and make contact with it, messages or visions come to me effortlessly. I see it as a way of channeling messages and visions.   

As you can see, I like to help people who need it. Therefore, I let myself be guided to use the most suitable method. What would be the best method for you? You know, I never know in advance what I will do or feel. But my experience has taught me how to know when I am in the right place at the right time. 

So, if you have any particular questions or expectations about your future, you can already fill in your Request for Free Reading. Indicate your date of birth, your first name and your country of residence. Don’t forget to check the box “I accept to receive messages from Ava  by email and to click the validation button.  

If you want to know a little more about me… read on. 

Where I come from 

As I said before, I am hypersensitive and that is what best describes me. As far back as I can remember, I have always been very sensitive. When I was a child, it often threw me off. I didn’t understand that what I was feeling was coming from others. I could perceive auras, I could hear messages that were intended for those around me, I could even feel people’s energies… I’m sure you’ve felt that too. You know, when you are attracted to someone, or you don’t like them at first sight.  

Over the years, I have become familiar with my birth gifts. I have mastered everything that makes me who I am today: a SENSORY PSYCHIC… My senses never deceive me. They are much more developed than average, as if all my abilities had been increased tenfold at birth.  

When I was younger, I used to help people without even realizing it. I would give them the messages I heard and this information would often provide them with amazing insights. They resonated so much with me that one message could change their lives.  

I also saw their blockages. And when I talked to them about that, they became aware of very important things. Things that could change their lives.  

At the beginning, I thought that everyone could see or hear what I perceived. For me, it was “normal”. And then I came to understand that I had an enhanced potential. A life mission that is different from others.   

Since then, I have been working on developing and improving my gifts. Today, I have already been able to help a great number of people. Family members, close friends, but also people I don’t know at all, who come to me spontaneously because they have heard about me.  

So, you know everything. It is up to you to take the first step that could bring you closer to Happiness. So, let’s go! 

Ask for your first Free Reading here. 

Always here for you,